CONRAD Development is a full-service Real Estate Broker and Property Management company founded by the husband and wife team of Ann (Ruby) Conrad and Chris Conrad. We are a small independent company that prides itself on excellent customer service, attention to detail, and dedication to our clients. Our goal is to give you peace of mind, protect your property, and maximize the profit of your investment. Madison is our headquarters, and area of focus.

Ruby got her start as a Realtor at Bunbury & Associates in January 2015, and Chris joined Bunbury in May 2015 as Ruby’s partner. At Bunbury, Ruby and Chris were shown the real estate ropes, with top notch mentoring from Tom Bunbury, Erik Sjowall, and Jenny Bunbury-Johnson.

Almost exactly two years after getting his real estate sales license, Chris earned his Broker License, and in June 2017, transitioned from being a Realtor at Bunbury to becoming the Broker-Owner of Conrad Development. Ruby still remains at Bunbury as a Realtor, and also assists with the property management responsibilities at Conrad Development.

Conrad Development Services: